Medication Assistance

As we grow older or if we have a lifelong condition, dealing with medication can become quite worrying, particularly if we have a disease or illness which is progressive, or we are confused, or we forget, or we just don’t know what all this medication is for.

If you’re worried about taking too many medicines and forgetting a few, we’ve got you covered!

Our care assistants can remind you to take your medications on time and according to a prescribed schedule.

Care assistants can assist with ordering and collecting medications from the pharmacy and ensure that medications are ordered on time, collected promptly, and stored safely.

You could develop swallowing difficulties and may need medicines in different forms, we may have to adapt foods, (such as thickening liquids and mashing solids so that you can consume them). You may develop short or long-term difficulties and we need to notify the appropriate health professionals.

We keep it simple for you

Our Care Assistants can communicate with the client’s healthcare providers, ensuring that the client is receiving the appropriate medications and dosages.

At Surrey Downs Homecare, we  can customize the medication assistance services to meet the unique needs of each client, providing individualized attention and support to help them maintain their health and well-being.